You Are More Than Your Job Or Career

You Are More Than Your Job Or Career

CareerIn our youth we sometimes choose a career and sometimes take a job. The choices we make at that point in our life are often driven by a variety of reasons and rarely do we take the time to determine if these choices are in line with our individual soul path. Sometimes we choose a career path in accordance with family traditions or expectations, some choices are driven by visions of financial success and some careers are not chosen at all. Sometimes we just end up in the place that best meets our needs and no consideration is given to whether or not we are happy or fulfilled as long as the bills are paid.

For a while this works, but as we grow and mature our perceptions are changing and our understanding of ourselves is deepening. At this point in life, feelings of discontent can begin to arise as we are faced with a new set of questions and challenges. We have realized two things, that we are not immortal and that we are past the halfway point. We are beginning to take a closer look at ourselves and our lives with different eyes.

Now we are in a time when we realize that there isn’t “plenty of time” left, and those things on our “one day” list need to be addressed or lovingly set free. Our hearts yearn to do the things we have put off  even while our analytical minds are reminding us what we need to take care of. The questions that may come up are varied; “Is work all there is?” “When is it my turn?” “Where is my joy?”

When we were younger our careers were our lives, but now we want our lives to be more than our careers, and we find that we want to take a bigger part in that life. It is a time when we want to remember our passions and discover new ones, a time when we can get to know ourselves again, as individuals. We come to realize that we are identified by what we do instead of who we are. Along the way we have lost our individual selves and become something instead of someone. When people used to mention Bob they would say he’s a great lawyer with a ton of clients, he’s going places. Now, they talk about what a great Santa he was last year for the kids at the Christmas pageant.

It is a time in our lives when we yearn to rediscover the joy in our hearts and reconnect with our spiritual nature. It is a time to learn to listen to our soul’s voice again. The steps are so easy to learn and the benefits are enormous, in every aspect of our lives.

We all have this gift, this small knowing voice that comes from our center and it is time to give it validation. By getting in touch with your own Inner Knower, you can find and open the connection to your inner self, at the soul level. Once you have these simple techniques, you can use these steps yourself, in every aspect of your life. You can access the understanding of your soul’s path and remember what you came here to accomplish. You can know, in any situation, what is the best choice for you and which decision best supports your spiritual needs.

You can connect with Nirup in person or via telephone, SKYPE or Face Time, for an individual session in which she will lovingly guide you to reconnect with your soul and remember your spiritual path. You will finish with a deeper understanding of yourself and your spiritual journey as well as an understanding of the techniques that she uses which you can continue to apply and expand into your own daily life.

Even though we do have to work, and our careers are necessary, we also have to remember to live our lives and walk our individual paths for our own sense of spiritual balance. Once we are in line with our soul’s path we find that all things flow better, our relationships improve and  we become happier and more fulfilled at home and at work.

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