Healing Through Your Intuition & Inner Knower

Healing Through Your Intuition & Inner Knower2019-05-31T17:43:34-07:00

Freedom Sedona Spiritual HealingWhat if I told you there was a simple technique to tap into the core of your intuition to create what you want in life.
Or to release and heal your emotions and thoughts.  What if you could clear away self limiting and defeating beliefs that you have carried, even for years. The Inner Knower Process can do just this.

Over twenty four years of working with thousands of clients, in channeling guidance from higher source for my clients specific needs, I created the ‘Inner Knower Process’.

It is a five step process that can help you to understand how you are trapped in your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, how to identify them, and then to release them.

This is a healing process that I can work with you in person in Sedona AZ, over the phone or Skype.  It is also a process that you can learn through my home study course.

Life Balance Career Health SpiritualThis ‘Inner Knower Process’ is not only used for clearing away, self limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties, and reasons for underlying depression related to emotions and thoughts, but can be used to KNOW your next steps in life, and make new decisions that are best aligned for your life’s path.

Call Nirup at 928-300-8338 for more information or to set up an appointment.

In Person, Phone or Skype

1 Hour  – $130.00
1 Hr. – 15 min.  –  $160.00
1 Hr. – 30 mins. – $190.00
2 Hours – $250.00

To learn more about the Home Study Course Inner Knower Process for healing and inner guidance visit my website Intuition Inner Knower.


Nirup I just can’t thank you enough, wanted to let you know that since we had our session with the Inner Knower technique, I have finally been able to focus on my readings and PhD work. In fact, the past 5 days have been my most productive ones this summer.  Much less stress and a lot more focus.  Leela, Washington DC


First of all I want to thank Nirup for helping me in our session together. I feel confident now to carry myself through my problems. After speaking with her over the phone, the following morning I woke up and it felt a huge weight on my shoulder was gone. I feel in control of my emotions for the first time after I had my roller coaster of emotions for months because of my separation with my husband. I am so glad that I called her and let her go through the Inner Knower process with me. I now have peace and I will for sure use for the rest of my life the technique that I learned from her. A.C. Canada


I just listened again to our session – so enlightening!  I am halfway through the “Inner Knower” DVD and I plan on ordering “Awakening the other you” within the next two months.  I can’t thank you enough for what you are teaching me.” D.R. Phoenix AZ